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The HMS Bad Idea (Rock Paper Cynic Vol. 1)

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Acid balloon fights. Scorpion juggling. Land mine hopscotch. One-way time machines.

There are one million books to help you with the good decisions. The H.M.S. Bad Idea is the only book that helps you with the bad ones.

180 full-color pages of comics from Rock Paper Cynic, the award-winning webcomic by Canadian cartoonist Peter Chiykowski, this collection features 40 guest illustrations from the top talent in webcomics.

Guest Artists

Reza Farazmand, Poorly Drawn Lines
Gregor Czaykowski, Loading Artist
Alina Pete, Weregeek
Dan Martin, Deathbulge
Raynato Castro, Buttersafe
Alex Culang, Buttersafe
Doug Savage, Savage Chickens
Vitaly S Alexius, Romantically Apocalyptic
Sam Logan, Sam & Fuzzy
Angela Melick, Wasted Talent
Christopher Steininger, Dead Heaven
Andrew Gregoire, I Am ARG!
Christopher Grady, Lunarbaboon
Sara Zimmerman, Unearthed Comics
Justin Boyd, Invisible Bread
Davie Cahill, Pictures In Boxes
Kelly Tindall, Strangebeard
Steven Charles Rosia, Without A Title
Jason Anarchy, Drinking Quest, Anarchy Plants
Aaron "Lenk" Plants, Big Simple Comics, Anarchy Plants
Alex Wronski, 1111 Comics
Kari Maaren, West of Bathurst
Andrew Grieve, Team Stryker
Ariel Marsh, Emma Awesome
Jay Paulin, Emma Awesome
Zach Schuster, Meat Lovers Special
Arthur Doyle, Lazerhorse
Shawn Daley, TerraQuill
Craig Ferguson, Rebel Rabbit Comics
Jeri Weaver, Gurukitty Studios
Jayleen Weaver, Gurukitty Studios
Suze Shore, Suze Art
Emily Horne, A Softer World
Anthony Clark, Nedroid Picture Diary
Ryan North, Dinosaur Comics, Adventure Time
Lar DeSouza, Looking for Group, Least I Could Do
Christopher Hastings, The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Deadpool
Rob DenBleyker, Cyanide and Happiness
Katie Tiedrich, Awkward Zombie
Zach Weiner, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Abby Howard, Junior Scientist Power Hour, The Last Halloween

Guest Writers

James Stevenson, Write With Lightning
Husein Panju, High Comedic Value